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Halloween Downtown Oct. 31, 2022City Forest Oct. 23, 2022Miracle Field Oct. 1, 2022City Park Crew Sept. 28, 2022Kickball Sept. 25, 2022Pickleball Aug. 29, 2022Wiffle Ball Aug. 17, 2022Tunes! The Founding Aug. 4, 2022Disc Golf Aug. 4, 2022Mens Softball Aug. 1, 2022City Forest Aug. 1, 2022LEAP Goodbye Celebration Aug. 1, 2022Tunes! Coleman Road July 28, 2022Chemical City Band July 27, 2022Wiffle Ball July 27, 2022Tunes! Resonators July 21, 2022Eagle Ridge Ribbon Cutting July 19, 2022LEAP Superheros July 18, 2022Tunes! Linda Ronstadt July 14, 2022Teen Swim Night July 13, 2022LEAP Kayak July 13, 2022Beach Volleyball July 13, 2022Stratford Woods July 13, 2022Co-Ed Softball July 10, 2022Tunes! 23 North July 7, 2022Midland Tridge Fireworks July 4, 2022July 4th Stone Street Revival ConcertWalk Midland July 1, 2022Miracle League June 25, 2022Tunes! Blast from the Past June 23, 2022Plymouth Pool Lessons June 21, 2022Plymouth Park June 21, 2022Miracle League June 11, 2022Beach Volleyball June 9, 2022Stratford Woods June 9, 2022Tunes! Dueling Pianos June 9, 2022